A Pause In Time

Make Me Smile with Just One Look

Date night is an essential part to connecting. Time on the other hand, to do so, is always the most difficult part. As parents of two, we find our lives are surrounded by making sure the kiddos are a priority in our lives. This is what parenting is though. Taking the responsibilities to ensure that when our kids reach a point in life, that they are prepared for all the world will throw at them. Sometimes though, we forget about the foundation of what our family was built upon…Each other.

We have grown together to reach a point in our lives to where we can see the progress taking shape. Our kids are reaching the pivotal age where they are taking shape of who they are going to be. The foundation in which we have given them has began to settle and now they are taking root and shining in their next stage in life. As scary as it seems for me, it is an exciting time for us all. We are readjusting. Change is inevitable when you are a family. My mother always said the key to a happy marriage is knowing change is coming, but when change is upon you, you grow TOGETHER.

You are my favorite person, my best friend, my life

Sometimes my husband and I have to pause, and remind ourselves that in the beginning it was just us two. Our season in life is evolving, and taking time for ourselves is more of a priority now than it has ever been. We need time to get lost. Not to worry about what life is throwing our way, but simply be able to reconnect. Understanding that our time is precious to one another is the best gift we can give each other. We started this journey knowing that we are teammates, and I have to say that we make a hell of a team. Date night is just a way for us to rewind for a moment and remember what it was like in the beginning. Just two souls who could laugh about nothing, and smile knowing you were on the same wavelength. Our Enviroment has always been essential to our date night.

Last night we chose to visit Rays at the Bank. A Mediterranean styled vibe that was both calming and romantic. The ambiance was perfect with the live soft music in the background, which made it perfect for reconnecting. The staff went above and beyond to ensure that we were a priority to them, and when the food started hitting the table, we were sold.

Him: Wine pairs best with good company…

Her: Well sweetie aren’t you lucky I’m here.

From the homemade bread to even the fresh seafood, to say I was in heaven would be an understatement. We kept the wine glasses poured with a nice Cab and got lost between the Fillet and Lobster Tail. We ate until we possibly couldn’t eat another bite. Then gluttony got the upper hand and we went ahead and ordered dessert. YOLO right!

The Butter cake was one of my favorite dessert I had ever tasted. The warm cake topped with Vanilla Bean ice cream was out of this world. I might have limited the hubby on his bites, because I just couldnt get enough. Our waiter was very respectful of our time there and when it was time for us to end the night, we felt as if he was family.

We left feeling as if we were revived from the ashes of what the world sometimes brings upon us. Knowing that a small restaurant, with a romanticized setting, reconnected us to the same level was a relief. But knowing that we were smiling and still holding hands after seventeen years, well now, that made us look forward to the next pause in time, where we can have yet another date night.

Until Next Time….

Rays at the Bank is a must visit restaurant at 1411 Huntsville Rd Florence, Alabama 35630. Follow them on facebook http://www.facebook.com/RaysattheBank

Or via Instagram http://www.instagram.com/RaysattheBank

Author: Mary Swinney

Growing up in the Tri-Cities the love I had for the area tilted more towards how Id love to leave, rather than to see what the area had to offer. I didn't want to see at the time just how enchanting my hometown was. As soon as the chance arose my family and I made our way to Rhode Island. Once there we made some amazing life long friends, who took us in, and showed us just how proud they were of their state. It may be the smallest of all the states, but it was packed with charm and adventure. Each week we were visiting new restraunts, meeting new people, and visiting so many areas that I had only dreamed of. The residents were so proud of what they all had built together that it made me realize just how much I had missed out on back home. I have always been proud of my Southern Roots and I vowed that if God ever brought me back to my hometown I would make it my mission to explore the best it had to offer. I have been back for two years and have fallen in love with so many places. It is my mission now to bring my small town back to life and spread the word on how charming the Tri-Cities truly is.

One thought on “A Pause In Time”

  1. Beautiful once again. You certainly have a way with words! I wish all the people I love to have “that” special someone to share their life with 💕. You are blessed as I know I am.

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