Trust the Process

The Ripple Effect

With everything in life there is one thing that is certain, each choice we make has a reaction. I call this the Ripple Effect. With every decision we make there are a series of events that follow. Whether the events are to your advantage or not, is determined by the actions you have created

More often than not we have complete control of our everyday lives. We know what we need to do to progress. We hold the responsibility, but do nothing to begin the ripple into something bigger. We make excuses as to why we cant take the first step, whether it be, money, support, or even belief that we are simply not capable. We have to remember that not only are we capable, but we are also strong and determined.

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For instance, you didn’t have to get out of bed, to make time for the gym. You didn’t have to get to work on time. You didn’t have to make sure your bills were paid on time. But you did. You willed yourself to do so. It was a choice to start the process to gain the bigger reward. The reward which is you are healthy enough to go to work, you worked for a paycheck, which in turn, led to the next ripple, you paid your bills on time.

Attention to to the smallest details, creates the biggest outcome.

You see, we really are naïve in thinking so less of ourselves that we overlook the progress we make in our everyday lives. No, not everything is quickly to our liking, but everyday counts as something. We have to stop thinking that our capabilities are miniscule and start remembering just how powerful our actions and minds really are. You want to build a company, take a step in the right direction and every day take another…Eventually the ripples will grow, and everything you dreamed of will be visible to everyone, including yourself.

From mugs, bowls, or figurines, the artistic beauty each piece holds is infinite.

There is no better example to the ripple effect than Isaac Wingo. A devoted husband, father of two, and Firefighter at Tuscumbia Fire Department. He took an idea and began the steps to create Wingo Pottery. It wasn’t long until he turned into the pottery guru he is today. He knew the process with each piece took time, but everyday he continued working toward success. In no time he found that there was something special in creating one of a kind pieces to share with everyone. His creativity has spread throughout our community and has began filling the homes of those outside the community as well.

Isaac Wingo takes pride in his community and has the personalized mugs to prove it.

From creative mind to creative hands, Isaac puts his heart into each individual piece. This makes him one who realizes that throwing an idea, and working hard, really can have an accomplished and proud outcome. His growth continues on as he puts his trust in Gods hands, and has faith that his guidance will lead him to where he is an inspiration to others as well.

Creation isn’t something that is simply made, but something that is felt, inspired and valued.

Most have seen Wingo Pottery set up at local businesses, such as The Emporium of the Shoals, The Shoppes at Coldwater, or setup in the First Fridays in Downtown Florence. Isaac’s pottery has grown so much in this community and is just one of the wonderful reason why our area is thriving. His unique pottery is such a wonderful addition to add to your own collection and makes a perfect gift to those we hold dear to us.

Remember you haven’t gotten this far in life overnight. It took a few rocks thrown, and a lot of ripples to get you this far. Keep moving forward and the ideas you have only dreamed of will become your reality. Make the choice, be brave, and most importantly… Trust the Process.

Make sure to follow Wingo Pottery on social media or visit his website listed below to see his latest creations or to order your one of a kind piece..

Author: Mary Swinney

Growing up in the Tri-Cities the love I had for the area tilted more towards how Id love to leave, rather than to see what the area had to offer. I didn't want to see at the time just how enchanting my hometown was. As soon as the chance arose my family and I made our way to Rhode Island. Once there we made some amazing life long friends, who took us in, and showed us just how proud they were of their state. It may be the smallest of all the states, but it was packed with charm and adventure. Each week we were visiting new restraunts, meeting new people, and visiting so many areas that I had only dreamed of. The residents were so proud of what they all had built together that it made me realize just how much I had missed out on back home. I have always been proud of my Southern Roots and I vowed that if God ever brought me back to my hometown I would make it my mission to explore the best it had to offer. I have been back for two years and have fallen in love with so many places. It is my mission now to bring my small town back to life and spread the word on how charming the Tri-Cities truly is.

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