Momma, Stop Feeling Bad

I’ve been where you are. Sitting on the couch, wondering where you are going to get the energy to finish cleaning the house. There are dishes in the sink, the floors need to be swept, and the amount of laundry is enough to have you tearing up. You still need to plan a date night, you need to visit your friends, there is just so much to do. Simply put… your tired. And guess what, I am here to tell you that its ok.

As moms we see everything that needs to be done. We spend endless hours going over a list within our minds of what needs to be checked off. Between taking the kids to and from practices, to keeping the house clean, to making sure they are eating healthy, to making sure you are spending enough time with your significant other… Its a lot. Then throw in your friends, extended family, doctors appt, ect. you begin to find its harder than ever to juggle things in order to keep your life going smoothly. You find yourself saying frequently “There just isn’t enough time or energy in a day.”

Ive been there and tomorrow I may be there with you again. It is the constant worry that keeps your household functioning, at the expense of your self care. It is you that holds it all together for everyone else. I have taught myself that this isn’t a burden, as we often consider and feel it to be. It is honestly an extraordinary gift that we have.

How beautiful is it that our precious kids look to us to guide them? That we are reliable enough to make sure they are cared for, in a way that no one can compete with. How extraordinary is it that we make as much time as we can to ensure our spouse that they are cared for and loved. That we care enough to make sure that our home is not just a home but a safe haven for our family. What a blessing it is that we have enough love within our hearts that we worry so much, selflessly, about those we love and cherish, simply so they do not have to carry that burden at this moment in their lives.

Take a breath and don’t feel bad for the overwhelming need to just take a moment and breathe. As my mother has told me over and over again… ‘What needs to be done will be there waiting for you tomorrow.’ Take the day off and see, really see the joy you continue to bring to your family. Re-evaluate the smiles that rest upon your kids faces, because of the worry we have taken away from them, to place upon ourselves. Hold that hug your spouse gives you a little longer, knowing that they are cherishing that you have made an extra moment meant just for them.

Understand that we can only do so much until we grow tired, and that it is absolutely fine to feel that way. Everyone needs a day every now and then to reset. Take a bath, read a book, go for a walk, but most importantly, don’t feel bad for being an amazing momma. Every momma has been in your shoes more than once, and we all know that every momma needs a break every now and then. So look at those dishes and shrug those shoulders. Prop your feet up, rent a movie, pour yourself a glass of wine, and smile with relief, knowing that the world will still be patiently waiting for you tomorrow. I promise it will not end because you took an off day. (Trust me I know.)

Author: Mary Swinney

Growing up in the Tri-Cities the love I had for the area tilted more towards how Id love to leave, rather than to see what the area had to offer. I didn't want to see at the time just how enchanting my hometown was. As soon as the chance arose my family and I made our way to Rhode Island. Once there we made some amazing life long friends, who took us in, and showed us just how proud they were of their state. It may be the smallest of all the states, but it was packed with charm and adventure. Each week we were visiting new restraunts, meeting new people, and visiting so many areas that I had only dreamed of. The residents were so proud of what they all had built together that it made me realize just how much I had missed out on back home. I have always been proud of my Southern Roots and I vowed that if God ever brought me back to my hometown I would make it my mission to explore the best it had to offer. I have been back for two years and have fallen in love with so many places. It is my mission now to bring my small town back to life and spread the word on how charming the Tri-Cities truly is.

4 thoughts on “Momma, Stop Feeling Bad”

  1. Oh my goodness. This is truly what I was needing today. You really have no idea how grateful I am to have met you and get to read your words. You are wise beyond your years Mary. I wish I could express how much your words help me get through some days. And how grateful I am. Thank you.


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