Mother Hustler

Some say I am overly obsessed with my kids. To this I say, “Say it louder for the people in the back.” Because this is 100 percent accurate.

I hear those from a distance saying that I am crazy for investing so much time, and funds, to propel a future for my kids that will more than likely not have the outcome that they desire. I know statistically speaking the odds are against them. The difference in you and me is I believe wholeheartedly that my children are capable of great things.

This is where it gets interesting. You see, I don’t see failure from your viewpoint. I see failure as a means to grow. A means to learn. A means to install real life scenerios, into their reality.

I have been asked on several occasion… “Why do you spend so much money on tumbling?” “Why do you spend money on basketball training?” “Do you think its smart to put your child into the entertainment industry?” and my favorite, “Do you really believe they will make it to that level of success?” Simply put, I Do Not Know.

What I can tell you is that as I parent, it is my job to show my kids that they can chase after their dreams. To not become stagnant in life, and most importantly, To NEVER give up.

Life isn’t going to miraculously conjure things for them, as we all know. It takes hard work ethic to get to a level of success. It takes grind, It takes dedication, and it takes a team, who truly believes in them.

Guess what yall… I AM THAT TEAM! I believe that there is something motivational in inspiring your kids. If my child came to me today and told me that they will be the next NBA all star, I will immediately begin guiding said child to the vigorous expectations of what it ensues, to even have a chance to get to that level.

There will be days where I will need to push them, there will be days where I will need to humble them, there will be days I will have to offer them a shoulder to cry on. One thing that is permanent in all these equations is, that I will be there through it all.

If your child has a dream, do not be so quick to brush it off. Allow them the opportunity to find out if it is for them. If they find it is not their cup of tea, is it money lost for you…Yes. But at what cost does it come for them to learn and grow? Money can be replaced, but having a parent who helps their child chase their dreams, and maybe, just maybe, lead them to greatness… Well that can never be replaced.

When I chose to become a Mother, I chose to create a World with them as an essential part of it. I didnt choose to watch them fade into the background. Its a process of allowing their dreams to possibly one day become reality.

At the end of the day, I will have no regrets. As a mother I hustle every single day. I drive myself mad at times, pushing myself into overdrive. There are days where my cup overflows with all the scheduling, all the puzzle pieces, but eventually I know they will fall in place.

Will I one day see my kids on T.V, in movies, or on the sidelines at college gameday? Who knows. I can tell you this though, when I am dead and gone, my kids will always remember I believed in them. They will most likely never remember the dollar amount or the stress I was under, but they will always remember that I was always there cheering them on from the outskirts looking in.

So…Am I obsessed? Yes. As a parent I am supposed to be. And I will never hold them back. I will fight my way through the naysayers, to be a mother who is at the end of the day simply there. In the future they will remember that their mom was a Mother Hustler, they will see the passion, as well as the guidance that no one else can give. They will see that no matter what the cost, momma found a way. I am simply giving them something that cannot be replaced… A Mothers Undying Love. And the tools to success at the end of the day.

Author: Mary Swinney

Growing up in the Tri-Cities the love I had for the area tilted more towards how Id love to leave, rather than to see what the area had to offer. I didn't want to see at the time just how enchanting my hometown was. As soon as the chance arose my family and I made our way to Rhode Island. Once there we made some amazing life long friends, who took us in, and showed us just how proud they were of their state. It may be the smallest of all the states, but it was packed with charm and adventure. Each week we were visiting new restraunts, meeting new people, and visiting so many areas that I had only dreamed of. The residents were so proud of what they all had built together that it made me realize just how much I had missed out on back home. I have always been proud of my Southern Roots and I vowed that if God ever brought me back to my hometown I would make it my mission to explore the best it had to offer. I have been back for two years and have fallen in love with so many places. It is my mission now to bring my small town back to life and spread the word on how charming the Tri-Cities truly is.

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